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Guest Guide

Living Room

3 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

1 Patio

Welcome home! We are pleased to share Parkway with you. This is a special place. A place we have called home and now have the pleasure of sharing with others as they enjoy and explore the Circle City. 

  • Keyless Entry

  • New 350+ Sq Foot Patio

  • Luxurious Clawfoot Bathtub

  • Beautiful Leaded Glass Widows & Doors

  • Laundry Area

  • Safety & Security Features




Prior to arrival you will be provided a 4-digit code to access the front door throughout your stay. Please be diligent in locking the door as you come and go. When exiting, pull the door toward you and hold while pressing the center button with the lock icon. Hold the door until you hear the door lock completely. 

The back door to the patio locks automatically after 60-seconds. It does not share the same code as the front. In the event you are locked out, use the back gate to walk around to the front to enter. 


A Nest thermostat is located in the dining room on the first floor. Please make yourself comfortable throughout your stay and return the settings back to 66 degrees as you are preparing to depart. 

The front bedroom on the second floor has a register behind the door. You may need to leave the door closed to allow for circulation. 




You will access the house's wi-fi using network ParkwayProp and password Welcome2Indy. 


Please report any outages or network interruptions


The smart television in the living room is connected to the wi-fi network and offers a number of applications. You are welcome to sign in to our own accounts throughout your stay. 

There is also an Apple TV for screen casting from a phone or laptop and an HDMI cord. 


The home has a Peloton bike available to guests that travel with their Peloton cycle shoes. You will be required to use your own member log-in to access classes.

Please notify the host if you plan to use the bike. Understand you are riding at your own risk.



Guests are provided access to essential kitchen items. The kitchen cabinets with green dots on them house the supplies available to guests. All other cabinets are locked and restricted for guest use. 


The front right burner (everyone's favorite) on the stovetop does not respond to variable temperature settings. It's default is burn everything. Please use with caution or use one of the other four burners. 


Throughout your stay you may accumulate food staples or leftovers. We ask that you dispose of anything you bring in prior to your departure as a part of checkout. 


We hope you enjoy the provided coffee, snacks and condiments. Should you need anything additional during your stay, please do not hesitate to reach out. 




Forgot something at home? Toiletries and extra bathroom supplies are located in the storage closet in the second floor bathroom (with the clawfoot tub). Help yourself. 

A hair dryer is provided in the downstairs bathroom below the sink. 

Please use bathmats provided in each bathroom, for your own safety. 


The small shower in the primary bedroom uses a hook system that you will see once you have stepped in. This is not the preferred shower of most guest. Majority of guests end up using the downstairs full bath. 


Isn't she fun! Feel free to filler her up and relax. The plant on the bath caddy can be placed on the shelf above or under the sink. 




The primary bedroom on the back of the house has a queen bed, full length mirror, closet, dresser and small ensuite bathroom. A remote for the light and fan is on the nightstand. 


The secondary bedroom to the right at the top of the stairs has a table top mirror and access to a storage cabinet. The closet in this room is locked and restricted for guests. 


A twin air mattress and linens are available to guests. They are stored in the primary bedroom closet. 


Please let me know if you anticipate needing anything beyond what is provided so it can be arranged with the linen service ahead of time or throughout your stay. 


There is a third door on the second floor is a flex space. If using the air mattress or pack'n'play this is perfect for privacy. If you need to get in a couple work days, the desk and chair provide a great place to spread out. Some guest just enjoy having their suitcases stowed in this area. 




Laundry basics are provided in the upper-left cabinet in the laundry room. 

At the end of your stay please check the dryer for any personal items. Leave any house linens on the beds or on the floor of the laundry room. 


The sectional on the outdoor patio is left covered. Should you use it, please put the cover back on the the sectional only when it is clean and dry. Seat cushions for the outdoor dining chairs are in the laundry room on top of the washer and dryer. 


The propane BBQ grill is available for guest use. Please remove and replace the cover after use. If the propane tank is emptied during use, please make sure to let us know. 


Checkout Checklist

You've come and conquered it all. Before your hit the road, cross the following off your list: ​

  • Leave used bathroom and dish towels on the floor in the laundry room

  • Place all used dishes in the dishwasher

  • Discard of all food from the refrigerator

  • Leave all trash inside the cans

  • Ensure the propane tank is turned off (to the right) if the gas grill was used and cover placed on top.

  • Turn off all the lights

  • Lock the front door

Checkout is 12:00 pm, unless arranged otherwise. All codes will deactivate upon checkout and the alarm will automatically arm.

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